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South West Net – Coverage Zones

Supported by dedicated enterprise fiber connected back to WA’s core internet exchange in Perth, South West Net delivers high-speed internet to Residents within the Peppermint Park vicinity of Kilchatten Crescent in West Busselton, WA.

The internet access offered by a South West Net is independent of the nbn® network and can either coexist with existing nbn® connections or replace them, leveraging the existing infrastructure to keep costs to a minimum.

While our goal is to provide high-bandwidth and reliable internet connectivity to all properties in this estate, we face limitations posed by specific locations and obstacles like large trees. If a South West Net connection is currently unavailable at your location, let us know and we will notify you when our service coverage expands to encompass your address.

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nbn® is an Australian trademark and brand of NBN Co Limited, NSW 2060, Australia and has no affiliation with South West Net Services.