Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an NBN® internet connection?

Not in the slightest. We operate completely independent of the NBN® network. Outages to the NBN® network do not affect our supplied internet connections.

Does this replace my NBN® connection?

Yes, this is meant to replace your current NBN® connection. We do not remove your NBN® connection so you are free to go back to it. You can even have both connections for more advanced home network requirements.

Do I own the hardware you install?

No you don’t own the hardware that is installed at your premise. That hardware remains the property of South West Net Services and will be removed upon your service ending.

This also means that if your are not the property owner you will require their permission to have our service installed.

Are there any install costs?

Sort of, there is an initial set-up fee however if you stay with us for 12 months you will get the install fee back as a credit to use on your account.

Is there any minimum terms?

No, none at all.

You are required to provide us with at-least 30 days notice to cancel your service so we can schedule our hardware to be removed and your account to be deactivated.

What is required for installation?

Submit a filled contact form from our contact page.

Once confirmed we will conduct a free site survey to ensure the service is available at your location along with confirming possible install requirements.

Once installed we will need to note down your routers MAC address and test the connection to our network to ensure it is stable and working as expected.

What are some prerequisites for service eligibility?

You will need a clear line of sight to our service tower with no obstructions.

If trees are in the way and it is possible to trim the trees this can be an option to get a service at your location.

Do you provide a modem or router?

No, you can use your existing router with our connections, a modem with a RJ11/RJ12 (phone line) connection can be used given it has a RJ45 (ethernet) WAN port.

If you are not sure please get in contact with us with your modem/router model and we can check its compatibility.

Do you use cgNAT, NAT or double NAT?

No every connection is provided with a public IPv4 address. You can use inbound and outbound connections as you see fit as long as they the usage conforms to our Fair Use Policy!

Can I have a static IP?

Yes, every connection has a static IP.

There may be situations when the static IP changes due to upstream provider changes and if this is the case you will be contacted about the change.

Do you offer IPv6?

Not currently but we plan to roll out IPv6 to our customers upon request.

Additional fees will apply for an IPv6 add-on.

Do the plans have a data cap/download limit?

All our current plans do not have a data caps or any data limits